In the United States we have an abundant amount of products available that average consumer takes advantage but is non existence in other markets around the world. Day 1 Supply was formed to fill the gap between people’s needs and interest in providing products that they desire in their country. With the need for basic supplies we may take for granted in the United States people in international markets desperately need to survive and live a productive lifestyle. By importing/exporting goods and services allows products that are available in United States can have extended sales potential and product life expansion in domestic and international markets. Day 1 Supply wants to be able to take advantage of this growing importing/exporting industry opportunity to market their goods at an efficient time and costs ensuring they are customers are satisfied with our service. By supplying goods that we can purchase at a low cost and resell by exporting for our clients will save money as well as time. Creating relationships with manufactures, and suppliers allows us to have a competitive advantage from existing goods creating a working relationship offering us great prices and quality assurance on products sold.