Day 1 Supply

Since 2014, Day 1 Supply has been established in the State of Maryland registered as a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). Day 1 Supply brings together an extraordinary group of dedicated, smart and experienced business alliances. The three founders Jermaine Dent, Brandon Beatty and Jason Forte, all share a strong passion for international business and have tremendous amount experience in sales, customer service, and management. When starting this company their goal is to specialize in providing quality products to people that have a need in their domestic or international market place. Most importantly offering a service that presents its customers with an enjoyable experience to receive their goods at an efficient time and cost ensuring they are satisfied with our service.

Day 1 supply has the capacity to export/import that make a difference in improving people’s lifestyle by specializing in the products offered. We have access to various manufacturers and suppliers, which allows us to fulfill our clients order in a quick turnaround.  Day 1 Supply offers clients a wide variety of importing  and exporting goods  services in order to suit the needs of our clients. Our team of freight forwarding logistics professionals can handle all of your exporting and importing needs to the destination. Since every country has its own regulations in exporting and importing goods, we research customs law, tariffs, and any other fees or permits in advance for our clients. We provide all related fees and documents that are required included in the price quote. By conducting market research on latest and emerging products that are in demand will allow us to have leverage over competition.